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Dog Training Jacksonville – The Best Dog Training Around!

Our professional dog training program in Jacksonville is the number one in-home dog training company in the area. We are extremely passionate about helping dogs remain at home with their forever family – safely, and happily.

We have a broad background in canine behavior and dog training, and we’re known for successfully working with even the most difficult dogs. We work with dogs of all breeds, all issues, and all ages. No issue is too much, or too little for professional behavior training. Some of the issues we commonly handle are:

  • Aggression (all types, including human aggression and fear aggression)
  • Anxiety (including extreme cases and separation anxiety)
  • Multi-dog households (all issues from dog aggression, to the inmates running the asylum!)
  • Housebreaking issues (both adults and puppies)
  • Reliable basic obedience
  • Manners issues (greeting behavior, jumping, barking, etc.)

Best of all, we work with families, too. Sally Said So! will teach you everything we know about training your dog so you feel confident and able to handle your dog’s behavior even when we can’t be there with you. We customize each training plan to fit your lifestyle and your dog’s individual needs.

Most importantly, we don’t quit until the job is done. Our training is commitment-based which means we’ll work with you until your training goals become a reality. Our goal is to be the last dog trainer you ever have to hire!

What if my dog was deemed a “lost cause”?

puppy being trained to sitEven if you’ve tried a trainer before, please don’t give up without talking to us! Most of the dogs we work with have been through some form of training in the past, or received some form of behavior suggestions from a dog professional. Please know that even in these situations, we are successful! Our practical, thorough approach yields the kind of long-term results you’ve been looking for.

Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our professional dog behavior trainer, learn about the benefits of our training approach.

If you’d prefer to speak with us instead, please feel free to call us at 904.464.8018 or e-mail us via the contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you!