All About Socialization

All About Socialization  Everyone wants a dog that is friendly with both people and other dogs. If you’re not hearing it from your veterinarian, you’re hearing it form everyone else telling you to get your dog socialized. While working with our dog trainer in Raleigh, we talked about how socialization is an important part of puppyhood, … Continued

Correct Behavior Problems Now, NOT LATER! b

Correct Behavior Problems Now, NOT LATER!  Is your dog starting to show early signs of a bad behavior? Do you notice your puppy cannot be alone otherwise he’ll just bark incessantly or chew up the house? Will your dog bark aggressively at a guest in your home, even after you’ve commanded them to stop? As … Continued

Why Dogs Need Mental Stimulation

Why Dogs Need Mental Stimulation Sally Said So! Professional Dog Training in the Jacksonville area has vast experience with training dogs with anxiety issues. Anxiety is the primary cause of behavioral issues like hyperactivity, aggression and many more. One cause of anxiety can be that a dog lacks the proper outlets to get the mental … Continued

Why we work with vets

 Why we work with vets For some owners, a trip to the vet can be a stressful situation. Dogs suffering from anxiety or aggression in some form are not the best behaved when it comes to a vet visit and they can sometimes be a danger to the other animals present. Sometimes a dog’s dangerous … Continued

Dog Training: Why Your Dog Needs You

Dog Training: Why Your Dog Needs You Dog training isn’t something that is just between a dog and a professional trainer. When I get calls for Jacksonville dog training, it isn’t the dog on the other end of the line…it’s owners who are fed up with their dog’s behavior problems and are trying to have … Continued

Old Dogs Can Still Learn New Tricks!

Old Dogs Can Still Learn New Tricks!  There’s the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”. I’ve heard that for many years and began to understood it’s figurative message. However, I never took it as a literal statement or fact, whether you apply it to dogs or any other species. Since becoming a … Continued

KC: Severe Leash Reactivity Case Study

KC: Severe Leash Reactivity Case Study Some folks can deal with a dog that doesn’t always “Sit” when told to. They can put up with little things, like not knowing “Come” or “Heel”. I’ve met many dog owners that are perfectly fine with their dog using the toilet on pee pads for the rest of … Continued

Why I Will Always Offer In-Home Dog Training

Why I Will Always Offer In-Home Dog Training  Here at my Jacksonville dog training company, I offer a variety of programs for dogs and their owners. Last year, I began the Practical Pet Protocol, which is a series of group obedience courses in a variety of locations in the area. Just the beginning of this … Continued

Trudy: Territorial Aggression Case Study

Trudy: Territorial Aggression Case Study  A lot of dog owners don’t mind if their dog barks at a doorbell, a door knock, or at the window when people pass by the house. Heck, some people LIKE it when their dogs behave this way! And it’s completely understandable to want a dog to alarm bark when … Continued

About Our Jacksonville Dog Training Program!

About Our Jacksonville Dog Training Program! It’s important to find a trainer that has your dog’s best interests at heart. You need a trainer that truly cares about what he or she does, who won’t break the bank, and who knows more than one training method to fix a behavioral problem. Customized, in-home training with … Continued