Start with a No-Obligation Dog Behavior Consultation Today!

Sally Said So Professional Dog Training offers commitment-based in-home training to the communities of Jacksonville, Florida.

Your training experience will begin with an in-home consultation. This two-hour consultation with our certified professional trainer includes lots of discussion about your dog’s behavior problems, observing the dog’s behavior, personality and temperament, and getting to know the dog’s family and lifestyle. We’ll then let you know what’s causing these issues, and what will be required to resolve them.

If you choose to work with us, great! We’ll start immediately to turn your dog’s behavior around.

What kind of behavior can Sally Said So! modify?

Aggression (territorial, sibling, maternal, toward dog or human, due to fear, etc.)
• Housebreaking
Puppy training (bonding, mouthing, barking, housebreaking, etc.)
• Basic obedience training (sit, stay, heel, come, down)
• Poor leash behavior
• Poor greeting behavior
• Barking
• Digging
• Chewing

We work with all these behaviors and many more. In-home dog training is effective for any behavior problem, any breed, any age, any size, and any temperament. Our approach has been used successfully for over 26 years!

dog doing a down stayWe customize each program to fit your needs, but we do like to point out that we are very adept with handling all ranges of dogs, including everything from aggressive dogs to new puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger. Best of all, our training emphasizes building a strong bond between dog and owner so that no matter the situation, your dog knows how to respond to you. 

If you’ve noticed any frustrating behavior coming from your precious pup, let Sally Said So! lend you their expertise to help you maintain or begin a calm, happy relationship with your dog. Our mission is to help dogs remain safely and happily in their forever homes!

Give us a call today at 904.464.8018 or send an e-mail. We can’t wait to hear from you!