Aggressive Dog Training Jacksonville

….Change is Possible!

There are many different types of aggression, and it manifests differently in each dog. It’s safe to say that regardless of what it looks like, if it’s happening in your home, it’s alarming! We understand how stressful this can be, and we want to help…. Even better, we are confident that we CAN help! 

Aggressive behavior includes growling, snarling, snapping, lunging, and biting. Your dog can begin showing these tendencies for a number of reasons, but one way or the other, your dog now needs to learn how to make different behavior choices. We do this by working with you and your dog right there in your home (and then later, out in public spaces) to make sure that no matter what’s going on, you know how to handle your dog safely, and you know how to prompt your dog for the right behaviors.

Sally Said So! Professional Dog Training is known for helping dogs overcome even the most severe behavior problems, and for bringing peace of mind back to their households! We work with all kinds of aggression, including:

  • Fear aggression
  • Territorial aggression
  • Food aggression / Resource guarding
  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression

If your dog is displaying aggressive behavior, please know that it is almost always possible to overcome this behavior. Our passion is to help families keep their beloved family dog safely and happily. 

Our first step is to do an in-home behavior consultation (with no obligation to you) so that we can observe your dog, get a feel for his/her temperament and personality, and get to know you and the members of your household. Based on these observations and interactions, we’ll then let you know exactly what it’ll take to overcome your dog’s aggressive behavior and rehabilitate him into a more balanced, well-behaved version of himself!

Give us a call at 904.464.8018 or send us an e-mail to get started, or to ask any questions you may have. We are eager to speak with you and more than happy to help!