Dog Training for New Parents in Jacksonville..

Cribs and Canines!

dog training for new parents

Babies bring a lot of smiles! They also bring a lot of work and concerns, and this might include even for ol’ Fido! As an expecting parent, you should not be stressing out about how your dog may or may not respond well to a new baby. We can always hope that most dogs will do just fine with a new baby. Still every dog and every situation is different, and so are the reactions and results. And most parents don’t want to take any risks with their babies.

Your dog may be a gold star champ when it comes to being an obedient and friendly pup. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to new pack member, especially one that greatly affects the entire household’s routines and schedules. Acclimating to a new baby might not be a big deal, but for some dogs, they don’t have a clue on how to deal with such a major turn of events!

Our Cribs and Canines program is to teach those dogs how to handle it, thus alleviating any anxiety for the dog, while also keeping your baby safe. We want to make sure both dog and baby are taken care of, learning to adjust to a new life together, while also forming a deep familial bond. Our professional Jacksonville dog trainer, will lead you as a family together, so that your dog will be prepared for a new family member, and YOU as the owner/parent can create a positive environment that allows everyone to succeed!

For your dog, we will instill proper manners such as no nipping, no snatching, no counter surfing, no jumping, and CERTAINLY, no anxious or aggression driven behavior. Also, all dogs in the Cribs and Canines program is set up for success at the get go, and they will learn to be desensitized to specific scenarios for the baby, such as heeling along with the stroller, showing calm behavior when the the baby has all the attention, and much more! We will ensure that these and all your training goals are met!

Cribs and Canines is not just for expecting parents, also! If you recently had a baby and are becoming more worried about how your dog is responding to this new family addition, give us a call as soon as possible, and we’ll set you and your family on the path to success and security! Call our office at 904.464.8018, or shoot us an email here.